🥅Goals & Roadmap


  • Create a community motivated by the discovery of MultiversX : https://multiversx.com/

  • Invest in the Hatom protocol to generate rewards for our holders : https://app.hatom.com/

  • Manage the DAO portfolio collaboratively with all team members using xSafe : https://xsafe.io/

  • Provide fun 3D illustrations

  • Collaborate with different players in the MultiversX NFT community

  • Engage the community by organizing votes on certain decisions

  • Use FrameIt to manage our collections : https://www.frameit.gg/

  • Enjoy and support each other


  • Create xSafe wallet to manage funds

  • Create Twitter, Discord and Website

  • Launch the NFT collection

  • Investing funds in Hatom Protocol farms

  • Host a lottery of 1 EGLD for our holders every 50 mints

  • Reward holders with farming interests

  • Collaborate with other MultiversX players

  • Launch the $DUST token and its tokenomics

  • Vote on decisions with holders

  • Launch the game Dusty Bones: Shadow Lands

  • Develop the game Dusty Bones

  • Airdrop token $DUST

  • Develop the economy around $DUST

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