๐Ÿš€Launch strategy


  • Thursday, July 20, 4 p.m. UTC: Launch of the collection on FrameIt for WL members. Price: 0.3 EGLD & Max: 5 NFT per wallet.

  • Friday, July 21, 2023, 4 p.m. UTC: Public sale opens. Price: 0.4 EGLD & Max: 50 NFT per wallet.

  • 90% of funds are injected into a Hatom Protocol liquidity pool to generate $HTM.

  • 10% of funds go directly to the team, who commit to participating in mint during the WL session to ensure the success of the launch.

  • All WL members who mint 5 NFTs during the WL session will receive a โ€œDusty OGโ€ SFT, granting them benefits in future votes and for the future of the project.

  • A first wave of liquidity will be created with the funds from the first days to quickly start farming. Rewards will be automatically distributed to all holders every 2-3 months on a random date to incentivize holders to keep their NFTs in their wallets.

  • A vote proposed to holders after the launch of farming to decide whether to reinject 10% of the rewards into the pools each month to allow liquidity to grow each month -> validated by the holders on 07/26/2023.

  • Mint session cut during the last quarter of 2023 in order to stimulate the secondary market.

  • Monday, January 8: Opening of a new mint session at the price of 0.5 EGLD by Dusty Bones.

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