🪙$DUST token

Airdrop & Tokenomic

  • Snapshot of Wallets and Initial Rewards

    • Action: Hold Dusty Bones NFTs during the snapshot

    • Reward: Receive land by holding between 1 and 4 NFTs and 100 $DUST for 4 NFTs (the reward will only be given once per wallet) for the acquisition of the first building.

    • Objective: Encourage the acquisition of NFTs and give all players a fairer start.

  • Staking and Generation of $DUST

    • Action: Stake your land and buildings in the game.

    • Reward: Generates a specific amount of $DUST.

    • Objective: To encourage players to stay active and engaged in the game.

  • Purchase and Placement of Buildings

    • Action: Use the $DUST earned to buy buildings (tavern, crypt, bank, laboratory, haunted house) and place them on the in order to generate faster and improve faster.

    • Objective: To encourage strategy and planning in resource management.

  • Advanced Use of $DUST and Giveaways

    • Action: Use the accumulated $DUST to participate in special giveaways (lotteries), win additional Dusty Bones (or other) NFTs. For example, players pay $50DUST to participate in an internal giveaway.

    • Objective: Create an economic cycle where players invest their winnings in the game to obtain additional benefits and gifts.

  • SFTs market

    • Action: Put all SFTs (Rank 1, 2 and 3)on FrameIt, purchasable with $DUST or $EGLD.

      • Buildings:

        • Rank 1 : 100 $DUST or 0.1 $EGLD

        • Rank 2 : 400 $DUST or 0.4 $EGLD

        • Rank 3 : 1,200 $DUST or 1.2 $EGLD

        • Rank 4: $4,800 DUST only

      • Lands :

        • Rank 1 : 150 $DUST or 0.15 $EGLD

    • Objective: Expand $DUST spending options and strengthen the game economy through, for example, lottery boxes on FrameIt or other mechanisms.

  • Encouragement for Progress

    • Action: Organize giveaways for players with the most advanced cards or who are the most invested.

    • Objective: Reward engagement and progression in the game.

  • Total Supply and Distribution of $DUST

    • Total supply: 700 000 000 $DUST.

    • Distribution :

      • Game rewards 85% : 600 000 000 $Dust

      • Tresorery/Partnerships/Dex 15% : 100 000 000 $Dust

      • Tokens used in markets will be burned.

Secondary Market

  • Secondary Market : Players will be able to list their lands, SFTs or NFTs on a secondary market, with transactions in $EGLD, $DUST or other tokens.

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